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What to expect when working from a coworking space?

Samantha Hulls
March 18, 2023
 min read
Coworking Spaces are more than an office. Interesting events and inspiring people will make you more productive and boost your creativity.

While there is a wide range of workspaces on One Coworking with features like rooftop terraces, labs, workshops or even integrated saunas, here is what most workspaces on our platform offer:

  1. A professional working environment with high-speed wifi and various refreshments;
  2. A community manager onsite that can assist you at any point of your working day;
  3. A local community of friendly coworkers that you can talk to at the water cooler or the coffee machine in between working sessions.  Remember, everybody here could work from home, but instead came to this social place to meet like-minded people.

As we point out in our post Why Coworking is the Future of Remote Work, these spaces are designed to stimulate collaboration and innovation.

Startraum - Gottingen, Germany


If you are interested in learning more about local events or want to connect to professionals working in that community often times the best way to start is having a chat with the local community manager about what you are looking for. They will happily guide you to the calmest area of the workspace if needed or connect you to the people you are looking for.


You also have to keep in mind is that every community is different. You might compare it to bars or coffee shops: while they all pretty much sell the same beverages, every spot attracts a different crowd and on some days you prefer a calmer space over a buzzing environment. Other days it might be the other way around.

A really good way of finding out what's good for you is to look at a couple of different places and compare which one you prefer for focus work, socialising or being inspired and motivated throughout the day. One Coworking is a great platform to help you find the space that fits you or your team's needs the best.

When Coworking is good...

It makes you more productive, happy and focused. There is nothing better than being surrounded by other hardworking, highly skilled people and sharing their passion for what they do for a living. Take the opportunity to find out what it's all about and reach out so we can get you started! But before you set off to your first coworking space, you might want to check our guide on 10 items to bring to a coworking space and some other tips to take into account to ensure you're well-prepared.

As always, if you have any feedback, questions or run into problems finding the best work environment - where are here to help! Drop us a support message or reach out on

We do not only want to help you find the best desk to physically work at. Our Mission is to provide a healthy, happy and more productive work style through providing access to the best work spaces and communities all around the world.  We're the app that inspires people and teams to go remote. Give it a go!

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