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10 items to bring to a coworking space

Maria Rodriguez
March 20, 2023
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The coworking community is made up of small business owners, early-stage entrepreneurs, freelancers, employees, and businesses that find the perfect office space in this new way of work that has lower rent costs. But what should you bring to your first coworking day?

(Photo: betahaus | SOFIA )

You have chosen which coworking space you'd like to go to, but you don't know what you should take with you? Can I eat my food there? Is there a microwave? Can I bring my dog, or my baby? These questions can only be answered by the coworking space you are going to, since each coworking space has their own specific rules that everyone must follow. You can check them on their website, or call them to ask any question before you get there. In any case, however, you can expect the community manager to give you all basic information about the workspace when you arrive , such as where the toilets and kitchen are, whether you need to reserve a phone booth for your meetings, etc. For more insights on what to expect upon arrival, read here.

(Photo: Work'n'Kid - Berlin, Germany)

Most coworking spaces have listed the amenities, as well as the benefits and services they offer for their members on their websites. This usually includes free water and coffee, high speed internet, access to their community events for networking opportunities or discount on their meeting rooms, just to name a few.

But there are some items that you should definitely bring to a coworking space to make sure you have a great coworking experience, since having all you need to do your job is key to determine how your experience will be. So here's a list with tips for you to avoid an unpleasant experience!

1. Laptop charger

(Photo: CoSpot office & coworking; Łódź, Poland)

It is obvious, but it can happen when you're in a hurry. And although it is very likely that someone will have a compatible charger and be willing to let you borrow it, the risk is simply not worth it! So make sure you got the right charger for your device if you have more than one laptop at home to avoid being interrupted by low battery on your equipment.

And the laptop, of course. It's just hard to think that you'll walk out the door without this crucial item if your workstation changes every day, although it can happen. You can give it a personal touch adding a sticker of the company you are working at. This may lead to more conversations than expected with your coworkers, and probably find people interested in what you are doing. Every ocassion is a good opportunity to make new connections!

2. Headphones

(Photo: by Burst)

It's as obvious as the laptop and its charger, but this one is probably the most forgotten item for many people when they are in a hurry.

Whether it's for listening to music to increase your productivity, watching a video, or a meeting where you barely have to talk, having quality headphones are super important when you are working in a coworking area.

If you want privacy for your call, make sure you book a conference room or a phone booth in advance. If you are in Berlin, you might want to check out the list of the best coworking spaces for booking meeting rooms in different Berlin districts that we've prepared for you, such as Mitte or Kreuzberg.

3. Snacks and lunch

(Photo: Hafven - Hannover, Germany)

Many coworking spaces have vending machines to keep your energy up, but sometimes you need something more substancial, or healthier. A bag of nuts, some fruits, and dark chocolate are great healthy snacks to take with you.

But snacks are not enough, so what about lunch? Usually, there are many restaurant options near the space, and some coworking spaces even have a restaurant or café on site! It's always good to check beforehand what the options are. Keep in mind that you can also bring your lunch in a container and eat it in the kitchen area, or, on your desk while you are working if the rules of the coworking space allows you to!

4. Travel coffee mug

Good news: most coworking spaces offer free coffee. However, check beforehand if that's the case! Having a travel coffee mug is extremely optional, and it is not really a must in a coworking space. There are (many) mugs in a coworking space. But this item can be a game changer in any work environment, whether it is the office, home office or a coworking space. If you've ever had a bad experience with liquids on your computer, you'll definitely know how important this item can be.

(Photo: CoZi Coworking Café - Houmt Souk, Tunisia)

But who wants to risk spilling the coffee on the desk, your computer, or even worse, on your coworkers laptop? It is super important to keep the space clean. Plus, if you want your coffee to stay hot for longer periods of time, then a stainless steel travel mug is the way to go. There are no disadvantages with this one!

5. Water bottle

(Photo: betahaus |Schanze - Hamburg, Germany)

Most coworking spaces offer free mineral water, but between meetings and tasks it is easy not to get up as often as we should to fill the glass of water. That's why having a water bottle on hand is always a good idea to stay hydrated. Do not forget to keep it closed to avoid spilling the water on your devices.

6. A sweater

It's normal not to think about wearing a sweater when the weather forecast is for more than 30 degrees. But if you're someone who gets cold easily, it's always a good idea to keep a sweater with you so you can focus on your work, since some coworking spaces have air-conditioning.

7. Laptop stands

(Photo: Tribes Frankfurt Garden Tower - Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

If you go to a coworking space two or three times, you will probably see that some coworker professionals have a laptop stand for desk. And it's very understandable! If you are working with a laptop, it's only a matter of few hours before you start feeling some pain in your neck. This item only costs between 15 and 20€ and yet is something that not all workers have. Get one that is lightweight and foldable so that is easy to transport, and don't forget to take a keyboard! Your neck will thank you.

8. Business cards

(Photo: Barter Community Hub - Sofia, Bulgaria)

The beauty of coworking is building a community in a workspace full of like-minded people, who want to share ideas, knowledge and experiences with each other. This is why a coworking space is the right place for you if you want to learn from other professionals, or even connect with potential clients. Make sure you have copies of your business cards so you don't miss the opportunitiy to grow your network.

9. Portable monitor

Most employers supply their workers with monitors because it's more comfortable and efficient to handle several tasks at once. And this is one of the reason why some workers do not feel like going to a coworking space. If you need two screens to deliver your work, but you want to change your workspace very often, then a portable monitor is a great choice. These are small screens that you can connect to your laptop or tablet via USB or HDMI cables. There are many brans, sizes and prices. Definitely worth it!

10. Positive attitude

(Photo: the Hive Collingwood - Collingwood, Australia)

This is necessary in every occasion, not only in a coworking space! If you have your equipment and everything you need to get your work done, it's very likely you will have a fantastic workday in the coworking space! Be enthusiastic, come in with a smile, and be ready to make new connections.

If you are heading to a new coworking space in the city with a day pass, or you just booked a dedicated desk, having this list on hand can definitely help you be organized and stay productive. It reduces stress, so you will definitely have the best positive attitude - only benefits!

(Photo: Innovation Campus Malaga - Malaga, Spain)

If you just booked a shared office or a private office for your team, here are three more things you'd probably like to add: a monitor, some plants, a picture of your dog or a wall decor (if your coworking spaces allows it) to give it a more personal touch!

Now that you're more than ready to make the most of your time coworking, grab your stuff and head to one of the hundreds of spaces that are listed in our network!

Take the advantage of New Work to build strong and productive distributed teams with the power of coworking. We at One Coworking help companies of all sizes to do just that. If you want to offer flexible access to coworking spaces to your employees, or need help finding a conference room four your next meeting, a private office, contact us. We wiil be happy to help you!

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