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OneCo connects the world’s most inspiring coworking spaces. We help spaces reach more customers, provide global roaming benefits to their current members and leverage economies of scale to make coworking even more amazing. All at no cost to join.
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Benefits for Spaces

Together, we're shaping the future of work. Let's create the workspace ecosystem that empowers the distributed workplace of tomorrow.

More Customers

Generate more valuable leads for your coworking space.


Become an international destination and instantly globalise your services.


Offer your members one day a month of free international OneCo roaming as a membership perk.

Keep the Overview

Easily manage your space with OneCo, setting and updating seat availability at any time.

" We want to give all of our members the possibility to roam between many different coworking spaces. Our goal is to unite the best coworking spaces and empower their members."

Ansgar Oberholz
Founder & CEO at St. Oberholz, Berlin

"I love the idea of OneCo because it does not only bring us new customers but also makes existing members happy with the global roaming program and other perks and benefits!"

Aitor Ruiz
Founder & CEO at  Colabora, Mexico City

" We are very excited that CIT could connect to other cool spaces and communities through this global network. The idea of a roaming membership is awesome, it allows coworkers to have different  working experience wherever the opportunities are."

Justin Yu
Founder at CIT, Taipei
Spaces in our Network

More happy customers

OneCo brings valuable leads into coworking spaces and utilizes overcapacities. It helps to convert short-term coworkers into long-term customers and unlocks B2B potentials for coworking spaces.

Instantly globalise

OneCo helps coworking spaces to form a global network so that spaces can offer an international service to their members, giving spaces the added value of being an international, diverse destination but at no additional cost or consideration.

Explore & travel with OneCo Global Roaming

Give your coworkers one free day of worldwide OneCo Global Roaming per month. Once your space joins the OneCo network, every member in your community will be able to access any space in our network, free of charge, on a monthly basis. Your members will gain access to over 250+ coworking spaces all around the world, by simply downloading the OneCo app.

Keep the overview

Set and update seat availability at any time. Get information about checked-in users, and activate or deactivate your space instantly.

We make cowoking less work.

OneCo reduces the overhead costs for short term coworkers and handles onboarding, payment processing and identity handling so you can spend less time managing your space and more time enjoying it.

Once your space is listed, coworkers can find spaces on the app and view your opening hours and contact details. Coworkers check themselves in at your front desk, using the QR stand or directly via the app.

You then receive a quarterly payout composed of the total amount of OneCo users you hosted. It's that easy.

And of course we will be happy to feature your space to our community!
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