Our Vision

We want to empower people globally to choose their own way of working

We believe that access to flexible workspace empowers individuals to work on their own terms, unleashing creativity and productivity, and enabling them to achieve their goals both at work and in life.

Meet our team

As a team we belief in the transformative power of flexible workspace. We have personally experienced how it has positively impacted our lives and we are on a mission to bring this change to the masses.
Christoph Fahle
Founder & CEO
Creator of betahaus, introducing coworking to the masses
Nermin Sehic
Lead Developer
Building high-quality mobile apps for top brands. bringing OneCo to life
Samantha Hulls
Operations Coordinator
Loves remote work, operations expertise, passion for coworking
Bego Abaitua
Customer Happiness
Passionate traveler. Community Management. Coworking
Maria Fernanda Rodriguez Gomez
Sales Manager
Bringing the power of coworking to remote teams
Ami Jessica Runge
Creative Direction & Design
Art director with a passion for community-driven design.
Melissa Sant'anna
Social Media Manager
content creation, strategy development, new work trends
Madeleine Gummer v. Mohl
Angel Investor & Sales Specialist
betahaus founder, supports with 12+ years of coworking experience.
Christian Twardawa
Business Barista & Mentor
Team building, legacy in sales, marketing, and tech.

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Maria Gomez
Account Manager
Our blog

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