Coworking for Ukraine

Together with our partners we are offering free access to coworking spaces to people affected by the war in Ukraine. For those who need to get back to work, are looking for a community, or need a quiet moment to reorganise, we want to welcome you to visit a working space wherever you are in Europe.

How can your coworking space help?

As a small gesture of support we will be sponsoring workspace for people that were affected by the war in Ukraine and we want to ask you to join our cause and do the same. Access to a quiet desk and wifi or a meeting room can go a long way. However if your space can offer more forms of support or are currently self-organising to support the Ukraine we'd love to hear from you!

Provide Space

Participating Spaces

Yellow = Those spaces have offered free desks for those with Ukrainian passport, please contact them to book your spot
Blue = Signup for One Coworking and request a free voucher via our form above
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