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Whether you are large company, scaling startup or riding solo — we help you to find and use flexible and on-demand workspaces & meeting rooms wherever you are.

One Coworking Helps Companies to
Source, Book & Manage
Workspaces for their Distributed Teams

One Coworking is a workspace management platform that helps companies with distributed teams easily source, book, and manage workspaces.

Our intuitive portal makes it easy for team members to find and book flexible workspaces while providing HR and People Operations with real-time data to optimize workspace utilization.

Whether hybrid or remote, One Coworking streamlines workspace management, so you can support your team's needs and empower them to do their best work, anywhere.

78%increase in productivity
82%increase in collaboration
92%employee satisfaction rate
60%reduction in real estate costs
1 week to setup new location
20monthly hours saved

Don’t just take our word for it

Discover the success stories of our customers who have found the perfect workspace solution with One Coworking.

“We looked at many workspace solutions on the market and One Coworking offered a simple booking system with the highest flexibility while featuring the most exciting Coworking Spaces”

Pablo Heimplatz
CEO & Cofounder of they consulting GmbH

“I have to say that a team membership with One Coworking is an excellent perk for remote employees living in cities - I go every now and then with colleagues and enjoy some quality time with them, plus get to explore different neighborhoods.”

Chiara Mezzavilla
Backend Developer, Infarm

“With One Coworking, our remote employees can get out of their work-from-home-routine and enjoy the office vibes wherever they are.”

Martin Taylor-Müller
Accountant and Culture Manager, movingimage EVP GmbH


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about One Coworking.
How does One Coworking work?
One Coworking is a monthly subscription service that gives you access to a network of coworking spaces. You can sign up on our website or mobile app, book workspaces, and check in when you arrive.
Can I purchase multiple memberships for my team?
Yes, you can purchase multiple memberships for your team by contacting our sales team.
Can we customize our team membership plan to fit our specific needs?
Yes, we can customize a membership plan to fit your specific needs. Contact our sales team for more information.
How do plans and cancellation work?
Individuals can change their plan or cancel at any time using our app. For Teams we provide flexible terms according to their needs.
Where can check-ins be used?
Everywhere! One Coworking is a global workspace platform. You can use your check-ins in all workspaces listed on our platform.
I am in an area where you don't have spaces. What do I do? 
We constantly add new workspaces. Please suggest new locations to our support. We provide dedicated location scouting for our Team Plans. Let us know and we will try to find a workspace near you ASAP.
How does One Coworking support hybrid and remote work? 
Working from home can be isolating and distracting, making it difficult to stay productive and motivated. Coworking spaces provide a solution to these challenges, offering a collaborative and professional environment that can help boost productivity, creativity, and networking opportunities.
How do I manage and monitor my team's usage of One Coworking?
You can manage and monitor your team's usage of One Coworking through our dashboard, which provides usage data and insights.
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