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How Much Does a Coworking Space Cost in Berlin in 2023?

Christoph Fahle
August 1, 2023
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Berlin is a buzzing hub for coworking spaces catering to freelancers and digital nomads. With such an array of diverse options, amenities, and price points available. It can be tricky figuring out which berlin-based coworking space will suit you best! Discover the vibrant world of Berlin’s Coworking Spaces – what’s the cost? How do I find my perfect one? Let us help guide your way through this dynamic ecosystem!

Short Summary

  • Explore Berlin’s diverse and affordable coworking space options - from 190€ to 429€ per month!
  • Experience high-speed WiFi, fair trade coffee, meeting rooms & more at amazing locations near major transportation hubs.
  • Compare amenities & pricing of various spaces for the perfect workspace that meets your needs and budget!

Understanding Coworking Space Costs in Berlin

Coworking spaces in Berlin are quite varied and reflect the city’s eclectic character. When you’re thinking about a shared office space, there are several factors that contribute to how much it’ll cost. Namely location, amenities on offer as well as membership plans. Spaces such as Regus (339€/month), District One Coworking (190€/month for 10 days access) or Techspace Berlin Kreuzberg (429 € / month) can provide great opportunities from network events to skill-share workshops plus their amazing workspaces all around the city – including quiet neighborhoods so your productivity stays undisturbed! Another popular coworking is Spaces Berlin which charges 207 € per month allowing users to take advantage of its professional development programs along with its other qualities.


The cost of coworking spaces in Berlin can vary significantly depending on its location, with more central areas typically being pricier. For instance, Spaces Prenzlauer Berg is conveniently located near Alexanderplatz and offers a variety of cafes as well as quick access to public transportation, plus top notch internet speeds! Conversely, Tempelgehöft’s setting at U6 Alt-Tempelhof provides an intimate yet high-speed workspace for those looking for some peace and quiet during their workday.

When selecting the perfect coworking space within this dynamic city it helps prioritize easy access points such as central location as Regus - Alexanderplatz which has multiple metro stations close by or D36 situated between Mitte & Kreuzberg that makes working not only convenient but also quite fun.


When considering the best coworking spaces here in Berlin, amenities are an important factor to consider. Wonder Coworking provides desks and rentable meeting rooms along with networking events. Tempelgehöft has more unique features like a backyard garden, fast WiFi connection and fair-trade coffee. On the other hand, Amapola Coworking & District. One provides regular services such as lounges and conference areas for hire alongside extra offerings including mail handling or event management options too. Decide which amenity is best suited according to your preference – whether it’s access to high-speed internet capabilities or availability of modern rooms specifically designed for meetings, while comparing the various available coworking spaces within Berlin.

Membership Plans

When deciding on a coworking space, one must evaluate which plan works best for their budget and requirements. Berlin offers various options to fit every need – from digital nomads who are looking for daily passes at hot desks to small businesses that demand dedicated office spaces with private offices. Kiez Büro provides flexible coworking plans starting as low as 79€/month per single desk in an accessible area of the city center while Mindspace Krausenstraße has pricier monthly subscriptions starting at 1,100 €/month depending on services offered. No matter what type of work setup you require, there is bound to be something suitable among all these varied offerings within the co-working scene of Berlin.

Comparing Popular Coworking Spaces in Berlin

For a comprehensive look at Berlin’s coworking scene, we can compare three of its top spaces - Betahaus, Space Shack and Ahoy Berlin. Each have distinct features that make them appealing to different needs and preferences when it comes to services they offer as well as the costs associated with membership or usage.

Betahaus is one of the more recognizable coworking spots in the city – offering plenty of space for flexible working arrangements along with additional amenities such as event hosting capabilities. It has been quite popular amongst digital professionals over recent years since opening up shop here back in 2009.


Betahaus, a popular coworking space located in the bustling Kreuzberg neighborhood of Berlin, provides entrepreneurs with an array of events and workshops that bring together freelancers and startups. Priced from 105€/monthly memberships. Amenities include comfortable desks as well as conference rooms for networking purposes. For those seeking more luxuries, there is also available Special Pro Deal: including setting up business registration, 24-hour access to Betahaus building and mail services plus 50% discounts on event space, conference room use & rooftop views! It’s no wonder why many are drawn to this lively yet professional environment – making it a top choice for anyone wanting quality workspace solutions in Germany’s capital city.

Space Shack

Space Shack stands apart from other coworking spaces in Berlin with its inventive networking events and an array of workspace options, including a full-fledged event room. Offering amenities like team offices, community kitchen areas, meeting rooms as well as desk space for freelancers or digital nomads all within the same environment makes Space Shack incredibly creative and stimulating to work in.

Pricing at Space shack starts low at 20€ per day making it competitive against others offering similar services but doesn’t compromise on quality when providing this unique experience, catering perfectly to those looking for something different compared to typical coworking spaces that are widely available across Berlin.

Ahoy Berlin

Ahoy Berlin is an enviable coworking option located in the vibrant Mitte district, offering all manner of workstations and event spaces. From single desks to team offices, virtual office rentals and meeting rooms. Ahoy has something for everyone from freelancers to startups as well as established businesses.

Pricing varies at this convenient space depending on what kind of flex desk, workspace and services are needed. A hot desk could cost 20€ while private offices start at 200€ per person monthly fees.

With its excellent array of facilities plus central placement within the city limits, Ahoy Berlin makes it easy for those looking for professional coworking environments near the heart of town!

Affordable Coworking Options in Berlin

Those seeking a cost-effective option in Berlin have plenty of coworking spaces available to them. Kiez Büro, Amapola Coworking and Workish are just three options that provide flexibility at an affordable price without skimping on quality or services.

Kiez Büro is great for those looking for space with both the convenience of virtual office use as well as private offices which offer more privacy than traditional shared workspaces.

Kiez Büro

Located in Berlin’s Mitte district, Kiez Büro is an attractive and economical coworking option with flexible plans available. Whether you’re a freelancer looking for your own single desk space at a price of 79€/month or simply searching for shared-office facilities within the city centre, this spot has it all.

Kiez Büro comes complete with 24-hour access to its bright and inviting atmosphere as well as use of the kitchen area included. This cost-effective solution truly provides everything needed when seeking reliable workspace in Germany’s capital city!

Amapola Coworking

Amapola Coworking in Berlin’s Mitte offers a sun-lit and affordable workspace at budget friendly prices: 12€ for day passes or 150€/monthly for flexible desk memberships. With its prime location and sensible costs, freelancers as well as digital nomads have the perfect opportunity to make use of this flexible coworking space and café with all amenities included such as high speed Wi Fi connection, printing services, meeting room and free coffee among other features.

This welcoming atmosphere provides everything necessary to achieve productivity without compromising on your pocket since Amapola Coworking is just the right option for those looking for an inexpensive space within the central area of Berlin. Equipped with conference rooms free wifi plus natural lighting that brightens up every spot, you will be more than happy about it!


Workish is a budget-friendly coworking space in Berlin that has adjustable plans and extensive services for different needs and financial abilities. For starters, the desk packages begin at 99€ each month with individual offices costing no less than 200€ per user making it an ideal option for freelancers or smaller businesses.

On top of its economical pricing model, Workish also provides valuable amenities including swift wifi connection, printing facilities as well as kitchenette access plus seating area so one can relax whenever they need to take a break from work. These features along with convenient membership arrangements make this particular coworking place in Berlin extremely appealing if you are looking for some reliable yet affordable space within the city limits!

Premium Coworking Spaces in Berlin

For those seeking superior services and upscale features, Berlin offers a variety of premier coworking spaces. These include Mindspace Krausenstraße, TOG - The Office Group, and WeWork. Professionals looking for an opulent workspace can be sure to find it in these luxurious Berlin, top coworking spaces and venues.

Let’s take a look at their offerings as well as the pricing plans they have set up for potential patrons.

Mindspace Krausenstraße

Located in Berlin Mitte, Mindspace Krausenstraße is a first-rate coworking facility with private offices available starting at 1,100€/month. Over six floors and serving 700 professionals, this space provides luxury services such as personalized attention, well decorated private office areas and wellness facilities.

Mindspace boasts quality features like an onsite cafe, meeting rooms for events plus additional recreational amenities. With superior furnishings combined with the latest offerings, it certainly makes up for being one of the best options if you’re looking for top tier shared working experiences in Berlin city limits.

TOG - The Office Group

TOG - The Office Group is an ideal destination for those searching for a top-notch coworking space with remarkable services and a premier location in Berlin. Offering flexible office spaces, the membership plans start at 199€/month. Comprised of distinguished private offices alongside available workspaces and excellent meeting rooms, the package also comes complete with sensational events venues plus unlimited access to glamorous lounges and exclusive members’ bars.

Not only that, but TOG provides its patrons with prime amenities such as gyms, cafés, and yoga studios. Relaxation areas – making it all around tremendous workspace choice!


WeWork is an international coworking firm, located in multiple spots around Berlin. It offers diverse services and amenities at different prices to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, free-lancers and small businesses. These include things like gyms, valet parking facilities, internal staircases as well as swimming pools. A range from basic monthly membership plans to luxurious ones are available so customers can find what works best for them.

All over its worldwide network it provides flexible work space solutions with high end features such that those looking for quality coworking experience in Berlin will have no shortage of options through WeWork!

Tips for Choosing the Right Coworking Space in Berlin

Choosing the optimal coworking space in Berlin for your needs and budget requires thoughtful consideration. To get started, it’s wise to think about what you need from a workspace before choosing one. Including location accessibility and different amenities offered at varying prices. With this information, finding just the right place should be easier!

Assess Your Needs

Before beginning the quest for an ideal coworking space in Berlin, it is important to understand your specific requirements. Are you a freelancer seeking free access to hot desks or perhaps does a small business need permanent office space? Making note of what kind of workspace suits best will help pinpoint particular coworking spaces appropriate for personal specifications and preferences.

Don’t forget networking events and additional services when examining different cowoking spots like Space Shack and Betahaus which provide workshops as well as meetings with other professionals in order to One’s growth both personally & professionally. These facilities can be tremendously advantageous, especially if someone who works freelance or owns their own company utilizes them correctly!

Consider Location Accessibility

When picking out a coworking space in Berlin, the accessibility of its location should be considered. Check if it has easy access to public transportation and is located near restaurants, cafes, and other shops. For example, Spaces Prenzlauer Berg rests nearby Alexanderplatz station so there are numerous cafés closeby that offer excellent co-working opportunities. D36 resides at the intriguing crossroad between Mitte and Kreuzberg where you can blend work with fun!

Compare Amenities and Pricing

When looking for the perfect coworking space in Berlin, it is wise to compare all of your options based on location, amenities offered, flexibility levels and pricing. Amenities such as community vibes, privacy settings and design can be deciding factors when choosing a suitable environment to suit your needs.

From cheaper choices like Amapola Coworking or Workish to higher end providers like Mindspace Krausenstraße or WeWork, there are various spaces that fit into different budgets without compromising quality. Assessing each option carefully will enable you to make an informed decision about which space best suits both you and your budget requirements!


When it comes to finding the ideal coworking space for freelancers, digital nomads, and businesses in Berlin. You have plenty of options. Ranging from affordable ones like Amapola Coworking or Kiez Büro, all the way up to more expensive alternatives such as WeWork or Mindspace Krausenstraße - there’s a workspace suitable for every budget in this city. By evaluating your needs carefully while taking location accessibility into account along with various amenities & pricing structures will help ensure that you get access to a perfect-fitting coworking space here without any difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are coworking spaces cost effective?

Co-working spaces are an attractive option for businesses and startups due to their considerable cost savings compared with a regular office rental or lease. While still having access to all the same quality features, it allows companies to significantly lower overhead costs.

Why rent a coworking space?

Renting a coworking area provides you the flexibility to decide your period of usage and end it without any kind of commitments. It is much simpler than leasing an office space if permanence isn’t necessary.

Coworking spaces offer adaptability and convenience that regular offices cannot provide. You can have a spot on fix desk for as short or long as required, with no requirement for extended contracts whatsoever.

What factors affect the cost of coworking spaces in Berlin?

When looking for your ideal coworking space in Berlin, make sure to take the time to investigate all of the various options available. Examine prices and membership plans as well as any amenities that may come with a certain facility – this will help you get the most value out of your money spent! Weigh up these factors carefully when considering which location is best suited for you.

Are there any coworking spaces in Berlin specifically for women?

Berlin is home to Wonder Coworking, a female-oriented coworking space that offers support and security for digital nomads and entrepreneurs. This workspace provides a friendly environment and great opportunity for women who want to network with others of the same mindframe while being able to find motivation in their own work. It also features numerous amenities like conference rooms or event spaces as well as other comfortable benefits such as Wi-Fi access so visitors can stay productive without feeling overwhelmed or isolated from society.

What are some examples of affordable coworking spaces in Berlin?

If you’re on the search for cost-effective coworking spaces in Berlin, Kiez Büro, Amapola Coworking and Workish are all worth considering! These spots provide a great range of facilities and services that make them ideal for those looking to take advantage of flexible working environments.

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