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Regus: All You Need to Know about the Grandfather of Flexible Coworking Spaces

Christoph Fahle
February 14, 2024
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Looking for a flexible workspace for your business? Discover Regus’s solutions, from coworking spaces to private offices and virtual services. With a focus on adaptability and cost-effectiveness, Regus offers office environments that scale with your business’s needs. This article will guide you through the benefits of choosing Regus, helping you understand how they can bolster productivity and provide global network access without the long-term lease commitments.

Key Takeaways

  • Regus offers a variety of flexible office solutions, including private offices, coworking spaces, and virtual offices, aligning with various business needs and enhancing productivity with short-term commitments and cost-effective pricing.
  • Regus provides well-equipped meeting and training rooms with modern amenities and on-site technical support staff, available for booking through the Regus mobile app, catering to different professional events and learning environments.
  • With nearly 3,000 locations across 120 countries, Regus supports a global network of coworking spaces and business lounges, offers flexibility with adaptable contracts, and caters to businesses by allowing workspace customization and branding.

Flexible Office Solutions by Regus

Diverse group of professionals collaborating in a modern office space

Regus, celebrated as a game-changer, provides a myriad of office solutions to accommodate a wide array of business needs. From private offices to coworking spaces and virtual offices, Regus provides an array of choices that facilitate a dynamic work environment while optimizing resource use. The Regus app ensures a smooth process when adjusting your workspace to match business needs, providing a hassle-free experience with short-term commitments.

The cost efficiency of Regus’ flexible office space stems from avoiding long-term rental contracts and the ability to adjust office solutions in response to fluctuating business needs. These spaces encourage communication and the sharing of ideas among employees, fostering collaboration and innovation within companies. The Regus office solution truly stands as a testament to their commitment to enhancing productivity and job satisfaction through employee autonomy in choosing their workspace.

Private Offices

Regus has transformed the concept of private offices by offering:

  • beautifully furnished spaces with flexible rental options
  • round-the-clock accessibility
  • fully equipped offices with high-speed Wi-Fi and IT equipment
  • all services and bills included, ensuring a seamless work experience
  • the ability to lock the office door for maximum privacy
  • media regus redesign navigation, enhancing user experience on their website

This is a treasured feature for businesses desiring a dedicated space within larger business centres, fostering a thriving community.

Not only do these private offices project a reputable business image, they provide a cost-effective solution starting from an affordable 125 € per person per month and day office rentals beginning at 35 € per day. Professionals and businesses seeking a dynamic yet private workspace have found these private offices to be highly beneficial.

Coworking Spaces

Regus coworking spaces offer a distinctive mix of adaptability and community. By providing options like hot desks for rent as needed and dedicated desks within a shared workspace, Regus accommodates various working styles. The open-plan layout of these spaces, coupled with local amenities and the flexibility to move desks, adds to the aesthetic appeal and convenience.

With pricing starting from 199 € per person per month, Regus offers an affordable solution to businesses and professionals seeking a consistent spot for work. These coworking spaces provide the flexibility to work when and where it is most convenient, with the ability to scale use up or down, catering to everything from small startups to large firms.

Virtual Offices

In the current era of remote work and digital nomads, Regus’ virtual office services stand out as a pioneering solution. They offer:

  • A professional presence with a prestigious address
  • Telephone answering services
  • Cost-effectiveness, helping businesses save on administrative, infrastructure, and maintenance costs

This allows businesses to establish a professional presence with a professional on demand office, without the overhead costs associated with traditional office spaces. To learn more, talk to a sales representative today.

In addition to establishing a professional presence, Regus’ virtual office clients gain access to conference rooms and collaborative spaces, promoting productivity for remote teams and client meetings. With packages starting at an affordable 59 € per month for a business address to comprehensive packages that include meeting room access and office space from 195 € per month, Regus’ virtual office solutions cater to businesses of all sizes and needs.

Meeting and Training Rooms

Spacious and well-equipped meeting room with modern furnishings

Regus provides a broad selection of meeting and training rooms, ensuring businesses have every necessity covered for all occasions. Whether it’s a small room for an interview, a boardroom for an executive meeting, a large conference facility for events, or a specifically equipped room for training sessions, Regus has you covered.

The modern amenities provided in these rooms include:

  • Business-grade WiFi
  • Professional audiovisual facilities
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Projectors
  • Whiteboards
  • Flipcharts
  • Breakout areas

All of these amenities, including navigation icons top nav, are supported by on-site technical staff, ensuring a seamless experience for users as they redesign navigation icons top.

The convenience doesn’t stop at the facilities. The Regus mobile app offers instant booking of desks, offices, or meeting rooms, with the flexibility to add services like catering or videoconferencing to bookings. On-site support teams ensure that preparations are handled meticulously and operations run smoothly.

Meeting Rooms

The design of Regus meeting rooms is aimed at facilitating success in a variety of contexts. Whether you are presenting ideas to clients or collaborating with team members, these rooms provide the ideal environment. They come equipped with flexible seating options, including hollow square, crescent round, and cluster seating, to match different meeting requirements.

Regus also provides interview rooms that offer a private and professional environment for conducting candidate interviews. These meeting rooms can be hired by the hour, starting at an affordable rate of 15 € per hour, making them ideal for short-term needs such as collaboration sessions and interviews.

Training Rooms

Professional training room with adjustable layouts and breakout areas

Regus’ training rooms are specifically designed spaces geared towards learning. They’re equipped with desks, screens, good lighting, whiteboards, projector screens, and modern technology like interactive whiteboards. The available training room layouts at Regus, such as classroom, theatre, chevron, and U-shape, can be adjusted to fit different group sizes and foster a range of training styles from formal presentations to collaborative discussions.

To optimize training sessions, Regus provides sufficient time allocation with access to break-out areas, ensuring participants can have breaks and recharge during intensive learning activities.

Global Access and Network

Global map with highlighted coworking spaces and business lounges

With a global network extending across 120 countries, Regus offers access to nearly 3,000 coworking spaces and business lounges around the world. This broad network gives businesses the opportunity to attract talent beyond local markets, test new markets with low-risk virtual offices, and expand internationally without incurring high travel costs.

The seamless digital access to its worldwide network through the MyRegus mobile app ensures that customers can easily find local workspaces when needed, making Regus a true global companion for businesses.

Business Lounge Network

The expansion of Regus’ business lounge network offers hybrid workers access to professional spaces in a wide range of locations globally. These lounges provide members with essential facilities including:

  • Secure WiFi
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Photocopying equipment

This ensures that they have everything they need to work effectively.

Designed for entrepreneurs and employees who frequently travel, Regus Business Lounges offer professional spaces in various locations for productive work while on the move. These lounges are the perfect solution for those who need a quiet, professional space to work between meetings or while traveling.

Flexible Access

Regus offers flexible contracts with adaptable payment plans for coworking spaces, giving businesses the option to sidestep long-term contracts and take advantage of pay-as-you-go options. With hot desking plans, members can work at various offices globally, adding a layer of flexibility to working arrangements.

Regus’ non-binding coworking memberships allow for workspace access without the need for advanced booking, providing spontaneity and convenience to users. With flexible office membership options, Regus offers plans that provide access to day offices for 5, 10, or an unlimited number of days per month, catering to the diverse needs of businesses.

The Regus mobile app offers an efficient digital access system that enables members to book and secure workspaces anytime, anywhere, with the help of top nav icons mobile, also known as mobile nav icons navv3icon.ashx or icons mobile nav.

Customization and Branding

Discover Regus and go above and beyond to ensure businesses can establish an office space that mirrors their distinctive identity. They offer tailored office spaces that allow customization of furniture, decoration, and branding. Businesses can personalize their workspace with specific furniture choices, storage options, company logo placements, and a variety of desk sizes and styles from high-quality brands.

The customization process at Regus is a structured one that includes deciding on office functionality, designing an office to reflect company branding, and having Regus set up and manage the details. All-inclusive monthly fees with many customization options are included in a 6-month agreement, providing cost-effective solutions while catering to diverse work styles and enhancing teamwork and corporate culture.

Trusted by Top Companies

Some of the world’s largest companies acknowledge Regus as a credible provider of office and coworking spaces. These top companies experience significant cost savings by utilizing Regus’ coworking spaces, thanks to inclusive amenities like WiFi, mail handling, and access to meeting rooms.

The consistent trust from major organizations highlights Regus’ position as a leading figure in the flexible workspace industry. The fact that it is trusted by the world’s largest companies speaks volumes about its commitment to providing high-quality, flexible, and cost-effective workspace solutions.

Regus Mobile App

Person using the Regus mobile app on a smartphone

The Regus app simplifies workspace management like never before, especially with the recent Regus redesign navigation icons. It offers instant booking of desks, conference rooms, and other resources on-the-go. Users can manage their account details, including bookings, services, payments, and invoices, directly through the MyRegus app.

More than 10,000 meeting spaces, such as boardrooms, can be reserved using the Regus app from anywhere in the world. Regus Business Lounge members receive a 10% discount on meeting rooms when they book through the MyRegus app. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app ensures broad accessibility to its users.

New members can download the Regus app and register with their email address, enabling them to manage their Regus account from anywhere. If they need assistance, they can simply talk to customer service by requesting a customer service agent please through the app’s help feature.


As we have seen, Regus provides a comprehensive range of flexible workspace solutions, from private offices to coworking spaces and virtual offices. With the option to customize and brand your workspace, and the convenience of a global network and the Regus app, it’s no wonder that Regus is trusted by some of the top companies worldwide.

The future of work is here, and it’s flexible. With Regus, businesses can adapt to the changing landscape, attract talent from beyond local markets, and expand their reach without incurring high travel costs. Step into the future with Regus, and experience the benefits of flexible workspaces today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Regus known for?

Regus is known for providing modern, flexible workspace solutions to a wide range of customers, from entrepreneurs to multi-million dollar corporations. It offers bright, inspiring workspaces that can be customized to individual needs.

What is a Regus office?

A Regus office is a flexible workspace provider offering services like office usage for varying durations, meeting rooms, and print/fax facilities. It is the world's largest provider of such flexible workplaces.

How can I book a meeting room at Regus?

You can book a meeting room instantly through the Regus mobile app.

Does Regus allow customization and branding of the workspace?

Yes, Regus allows businesses to customize office spaces with tailored furniture, decoration, and branding to reflect their unique identity.

Is Regus trusted by top companies worldwide?

Yes, top companies worldwide trust Regus as a reputable provider of office and coworking spaces.

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