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Find the Perfect Coworking Space in Berlin Kreuzberg

Christoph Fahle
July 18, 2023
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Kreuzberg, Berlin is renowned for its dynamic and creative coworking spaces - ideal for entrepreneurs or professionals looking to work in an environment filled with culture, energy and collaboration. In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of a couple of different workspaces available, outlining their amenities as well as the local attractions that make it such a great place to your business ambitions.

Short Summary

  • Discover coworking spaces in Berlin Kreuzberg for creativity, productivity & collaboration.
  • Flexible desks, private offices & discounts available with amenities to suit your needs.
  • Research and book a membership that fits your budget for the perfect work experience!

Discovering Kreuzberg's Coworking Spaces

Coworking Community Event at betahaus | Kreuzberg

In Berlin Kreuzberg, various coworking spaces have been designed to help people find the right environment that supports their work. From Factory Berlin which emphasizes networking and innovative ideas within a vibrant community atmosphere to other facilities like betahaus | Kreuzberg or Techspace with high ceilings and large workspaces, there are plenty of options for everyone. Unicorn Moritzplatz as well as Mindspace Skalitzer. Str offer specialized services equipped with all necessary office essentials that provide creativity along with productivity boost for collaborative purposes too!

betahaus | Kreuzberg

Located in the picturesque Berlin Kreuzberg, betahaus is a vibrant coworking and community hub that has been active since 2009. The light-filled space features high ceilings to allow for creativity and collaboration while its environs are close to some of the best bars around River Spree where it’s easy for members to relax after their workday ends.

Betahaus offers an array of membership options with flexible desks, private offices, and discounts or other offerings. There are also meeting rooms available as well as plenty of chill spots. All this making sure that there is everything one needs when they’re looking into working out from home but still feeling part of a solid coworking group.


For technology-focused startups and entrepreneurs, Techspace provides coworking spaces across two locations in Berlin, Kreuzberg and Mitte. The specially crafted office environment is designed with plenty of light to boost productivity while offering access to networking areas for collaboration purposes along with conference rooms that provide an ideal setting for meetings. There’s a range of membership choices including flexible desks & private offices as well as vital amenities like the opportunity to join a vibrant community filled with other professionals alike who inhabit these very same collaborative workspaces within Germany’s capital city.

Unicorn Moritzplatz

Unicorn Moritzplatz, a serviced office and coworking space run by Unicorn Workspaces, is located in the culturally stimulating district "36" of Kreuzberg in Berlin. At this productive yet well-being promoting space, an array of essential amenities can be found such as offices, desks on flexible terms and special offers for its users. Adding to that, there’s even barista service at ground level!

The energy of this thriving neighbourhood makes it easy to enjoy during work breaks or after hours with plenty of restaurants around plus cultural attractions like museums & outdoor spaces nearby.

At Unicorn Moritzplatz, one has all they need when looking for a coworking facility which values both productivity and wellness alike!

Mindspace Skalitzer Str

In Berlin’s Kreuzberg, Mindspace Skalitzer Str offers flexible workspaces for teams of all sizes in a stylish coworking space. With facilities and amenities designed to fuel creativity and foster collaboration among its users, this particular coworking environment is ideal for any professional seeking an inspiring atmosphere perfect for unleashing their potential.

Amenities and Perks

Free coffee is provided by most coworking operators as part of their memberships

One of the great aspects of coworking spaces in Kreuzberg is their comprehensive range of services and facilities that make your work day more productive and pleasant. Offering all essential office requirements as well as various conference rooms, these workspaces have been created to meet the needs and provide you with a comfortable yet effective working environment.

Also incorporated into these spots is an area for relaxation coupled with places where one can network, allowing professionals like yourself time off during breaks while providing opportunities to build relationships within this community at large which promotes collaboration among those who use them frequently.

Let’s take a closer look at what features each workplace offers specifically tailored to coworkers in Kreuzberg.

Office Essentials

Kreuzberg’s coworking spaces provide all the necessary supplies for a productive and comfortable workspace. Offering high-speed internet, ergonomic furniture, printing capabilities as well as snacks such as tea and coffee to help keep you fueled during your work day. These office hubs cater specifically to one’s needs so that they can concentrate on their task at hand while leaving everything else in the space’s hands.

Meeting and Conference Rooms

Coworking spaces in Kreuzberg are equipped with meeting and conference rooms, tailored to ensure a professional atmosphere for all forms of presentations. These well-designed workspaces come complete with multimedia devices and other features necessary for successful work sessions, be they team discussions or training programmes. Each coworking space has multiple room options available. Enabling teams to brainstorm efficiently whilst creating the most out of their time together within an expertly constructed environment.

Relaxation and Networking Areas

Kreuzberg coworking spaces are outfitted with various relaxation and networking areas that help promote a healthy work-life balance. These include fully equipped kitchens, dining zones, gyms, wellness facilities and gaming rooms – all of which enable coworkers to take breaks while also connecting socially. It’s made easy for people who use these workspaces to form relationships between themselves as well as share ideas. Fostering an environment in which collaboration is encouraged among the community of coworkers at Kreuzberg coworking spaces. They provide ample opportunities for both working hard and playing just as hard!

Monthly Memberships and Pricing

Weserland Coworking in Weserstrasse

When looking for a space to cowork in Berlin Kreuzberg, understanding the various membership offers and costs is key. There are diverse packages accessible from different work spaces - including flexible desks, private offices, as well as discounts available for students, startups and those wanting longer-term contracts.

We want to assist you with finding an option that suits your needs while also being within budget by discussing the monthly memberships offered at local co-working venues around Kreuzberg plus any special deals on offer too!

Flexible Desk Options

Kreuzberg coworking spaces provide a range of desk options that can accommodate different work styles and needs. Hot desks, for example, are open to anyone on an as-needed basis. They’re ideal if you only need space for short bursts of time. Dedicated desks offer more stability, perfect for those who require longer use periods at their own workspace. No matter your preferences or requirements, there are a variety of flexible options available so you can easily find what’s right in terms of workspaces at Kreuzberg coworking locations.

Private Offices

If you or your team are looking for a quiet workplace, then private offices can be the ideal solution. These exclusive areas provide everything necessary to work efficiently - from chairs and desks to filing cabinets – plus added amenities like extra furniture or an individual telephone line according to personal requirements.

Pricing and availability of these spaces may differ in each coworking spot located in Kreuzberg. Some offer monthly membership plans while others offer more flexible desk arrangements. Make sure that you look through all local options so that it is possible for everyone to find an office space suitable both financially and conceptually within this region of Berlin’s coworking scene.

Special Offers and Discounts

In order to find the ideal coworking space for you in Berlin Kreuzberg, it is a good idea to take advantage of all possible offers and discounts. For example, startups may be eligible for discounted monthly membership fees at some spaces. WeWork All Access has even an additional 15% off on their services over six months.

Exploring these types of options can help one secure great value while enabling them to build professional connections within this area as well as grow your business or network further.

Surrounding Attractions in Kreuzberg

Molecule Man representing the spot where the districts Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Treptow meet.

When working in a coworking space situated in Kreuzberg, Berlin, you are presented with the chance to explore all of its attractions during your free time or even after work. This district offers amazing opportunities for anyone looking to enjoy their stay there: from various culinary dishes and cultural events, up to beautiful outdoor spaces!

Come along as we take you on a journey through some of these enjoyable activities which can be found within this vibrant area. Ensuring that every second counts while staying in an inspiring environment like this one.

Culinary Delights

Turkish Cuisine is one of the most interesting culinary delights you can get in Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg is a great spot for food, from traditional German cuisine to international flavors. Visitors can try local delicacies at Mo’s Imbiss, Tim Raue and La Soupe Populaire or explore the many cafes and eateries that offer something tasty during their leisure time in Kreuzberg. Whether you are looking for quick snacks or fancy meals out of your comfort zone, this place has it all! You will be spoilt with choices when trying to decide on where to get an enjoyable bite while taking a break here in Kreuzberg.

Cultural Hotspots

Carnival of Cultures is one of the biggest street festival that takes place on the streets of Kreuzberg every year

Kreuzberg is a unique area for cultural and creative exploration, with its collection of art galleries, theaters and museums providing both entertainment and creativity. From the Karneval der Kulturen to other local events in the neighbourhood, it’s become an international hotspot for those working in any kind of collaborative space or looking to take part within a stimulating environment. Artists have been drawn from around the globe to this thriving community as well. Meaning that coworking spaces are now readily available here if you’re searching for new opportunities! With so much on offer including exciting activities by locals too – make sure not miss out by checking what Kreuzberg has waiting inside their vibrant culture hubs today!

Outdoor Spaces

Admiralsbrücke in Kreuzberg. A favorite outdoor hangout space for warm nights

Kreuzberg’s outdoor areas, from parks to waterfronts, provide a break from the office and allow you to rest or work in an environment full of fresh air. Throughout the year, all these places like Park am Gleisdreieck, Görlitzer Park or Waldeckpark offer options for enjoyable activities such as peaceful walks. You can also visit the Moritzplatz if urban farming is what you want while its variety of restaurants with outdoor seating will give some energy back and let you enjoy that unique Kreuzberg atmosphere after hours.

How to get Started

It’s time to discover the right coworking space in Berlin Kreuzberg for your work needs. To get started, evaluate all of the mentioned spaces and list out those that match up with what you require. Once narrowed down, book a visit to each one so you can perceive the atmosphere as well as amenities provided there. When prepared to make an official commitment, select a membership option which meets both your budget plan and requirements before benefiting from working within this collaborative environment located in Germany’s capital city!


Kreuzberg, Berlin provides the ideal environment to work and cultivate your business with its numerous coworking spaces which offer a range of amenities. From Betahaus to Techspace or Mindspace Skalitzer Str., one can easily find what they need in this exciting city’s vast array of options. And don’t forget about the culture available - experience delicious food delights and outdoor opportunities during your search for an excellent space that allows you to excel at work in Kreuzberg, Berlin!

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing a coworking space in Berlin Kreuzberg?

When choosing a coworking space in Berlin Kreuzberg, consider its location relative to you and your clients as well as the features offered like meeting rooms or kitchen services. The atmosphere should make for an environment that fits what you need with flexibility being important too along with having privacy options. Check on the speed of the wifi connection and security measures taken within the space while keeping your budget top-of-mind when making this selection.

Are there any discounts or special offers available for coworking spaces in Kreuzberg?

Kreuzberg-based coworking spaces offer a variety of discounts and exclusive offers such as student deals, startup perks, long-term commitments or other special promotions.

What types of desk options are available in coworking spaces?

When looking for a workspace, coworking spaces are an ideal choice. Choose from hot desks, dedicated desks or private offices that allow you to find the perfect space depending on your needs without any long-term commitment. With these options available in professional office environments through coworking spaces, users can enjoy all of its benefits. Plus they also have access to essential amenities such as wifi connection and meeting rooms, which makes it even more worthwhile!

What amenities can I expect in a coworking space in Berlin Kreuzberg?

Head over to Berlin Kreuzberg and take pleasure in the convenience of a coworking space! Enjoy using top-notch WiFi, conference rooms equipped with all you need for work, as well as networking opportunities, while grabbing snacks or coffee along the way. Relaxation areas also offer comfort so that your stay can be productive yet enjoyable.

Whether it’s just an area for collaboration, business meetings, or simply getting away from day to day routine. Coworkers will find what they are looking for at a convenient spot located in this part of Berlin.

How can I get started with finding a coworking space in Kreuzberg?

Discover coworking spaces in Kreuzberg via our app. Book a monthly subscription to test out different spaces to find your favorite workspace. Once you have seen a couple of workspaces you will no, which one suits your needs and taste best.

That’s all there is to it, with this blog post making your space search easy as ever.

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