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Factory Görlizter Park is a vibrant startup hub and business network in the heart of the city, providing an unparalleled ecosystem for innovation and collaboration. This unique coworking space is perfect for startups, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals looking to connect with experts, thought leaders, and innovators across various industries. Factory Berlin offers inspirational and versatile workspaces, exclusive networking events, and tailored matchmaking opportunities for both individual and team memberships. With a diverse community of over 4,500 members from 70+ nationalities, this space fosters growth and success for its members in a highly dynamic and social atmosphere.

Central Location
This workspace is easy to reach via a variety of public transport connections
Lots of breakfast and lunchspots nearby
This venue is in a bustling neighborhood full of restaurants and coffee shop
Lots of Natural Light
Work in a vibrant and energizing environment, filled with natural light to boost your mood and productivity.

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Factory Görlitzer Park

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