Save Energy.
Try Coworking.

Energy bills are rising. Environmental impacts of resource use are harder to ignore. Our financial, mental and physical wellbeing are all under increased pressure this winter which means working from home every day just became a lot more costly, in more ways than one.So why not tackle all these problems in one? Come in from the cold, save money and share resources this winter. Try coworking.

How does it help?

Sustainability is usually not a topic that comes to mind when we talk about coworking.

But coworking spaces have always been advocates about sharing resources - from desks, coffee and Wi-Fi, to the warmth, lighting and electricity needed for a work space. Even ideas and inspiration are shared amongst members!By working from a shared office space even just a couple of days a week, we can reduce our individual energy usage and associated environmental impact.

Heaters, lamps and electronic devices running all day - the average employee’s electricity bill can increase a lot this winter while home officing. In fact remote workers use 75% more gas and 25% more electricity per day over the winter months than those in the office five days a week (USwitch). So what could we all save if we worked from the same space instead?

How can my coworking space help?

We want to spread the word that coworking spaces can help save costs this winter - but we need more voices to amplify the message!

Sign up to the initiative, share the content and promote your space in the process. Winter is peak time for coworking memberships so let’s come together to convey some of the tangible benefits of coworking to the newly-flexible workforce.By taking part you can also promote that you are a workspace which is guaranteed to provide comfortably warm common work areas, free tea and coffee to guests, and that you are committed to taking sustainable measures to save energy.

Spaces like betahaus, The Melting Pot, StartDock & more have already signed on so why not join the campaign and add the voice of your space too?

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