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Coworking Leipzig: Discover the Best Spaces for 2024

Christoph Fahle
February 23, 2024
 min read

Choosing the right coworking space in Leipzig can be pivotal for your productivity and professional growth. With options ranging from vibrant networking hubs to quiet corners for deep work, Leipzig’s coworking scene offers something for everyone. This guide provides an insightful overview of the top coworking spaces in the city, directly addressing the amenities, atmosphere, and community you can expect to find at coworking Leipzig locations, helping you make an informed choice without any frills or sales pressure.

Design Offices Leipzig Post – The Architectural Marvel

Design Offices - Leipzig, Germany

Imagine working in a space that combines architectural innovation with nostalgic flair. That’s exactly what the Design Offices Leipzig Post offers. Housed in the historical Alte Hauptpost on Augustusplatz, this coworking space in Leipzig offers a unique blend of historical ambience with a modern twist.

The interior design is intentionally crafted to stimulate creativity and innovation, cultivating an environment where superior work outcomes are not just a possibility but an expectation. Spanning 6,690 sqm in the ‘Lebendiges Haus’, Design Offices Leipzig Post provides flexible offices, meeting rooms, and coworking spaces that are conducive to collaboration and innovation.

With an expansive 6,500 square meters dedicated to individual workspaces, this venue accommodates both personal and business needs. Located near the city center, it offers a modern, professional business environment, presenting itself as a premium alternative to other spaces like Regus.

Despite the premium offerings carrying a higher cost, the exceptional business environment and exclusive benefits validate the investment. If you’re seeking a premium coworking experience in Leipzig, the Design Offices Leipzig Post should definitely be on your shortlist.

Design Offices Leipzig Post

Augustuspl. 1-4, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

Open Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm

Basislager Coworking Leipzig – The Startup Springboard

Basislager Coworking - Leipzig, Germany

Basislager Coworking Leipzig, the original coworking space in Leipzig, is designed to propel early-stage founders and startup teams towards success. With approximately 100 workspaces and a range of additional services aimed at funding opportunities, it’s the ideal springboard for startups. Spread over five floors, this coworking space offers a modern and flexible office infrastructure, including meeting rooms and event spaces. The professional environment fosters innovative business ideas, making it the perfect place for young entrepreneurs to set their ideas in motion.

What sets Basislager apart is its strong network of partnerships, which provide invaluable support for founders, enhancing their scope both regionally and globally. If you’re an early-stage founder or part of a startup team, Basislager Coworking Leipzig could be the launchpad your business needs.

Basislager Coworking

Peterssteinweg 14, 04107 Leipzig

Open Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm

Workflow Coworking Leipzig – The Productivity Hub

Workflow - Lepizig, Germany

Workflow Coworking Leipzig is deeply committed to providing a top-notch customer experience. With premium services such as flexible desks, private offices, and modern conference rooms, this coworking space aims to help you achieve peak productivity.

Members at Workflow Coworking Leipzig can choose between flexible or fixed tables in the coworking area, catering to different work style preferences. For those requiring privacy for their team, fully furnished private offices are available for rent.

Providing inspiring and flexible work environments, Workflow Coworking Leipzig contributes to the concept of New Work. Through personalized consultations aimed at helping you identify the optimal workspace, Workflow Coworking Leipzig is dedicated to boosting your productivity and enriching your work experience.

Workflow Coworking

City-Hochhaus Leipzig, Augustuspl. 9/6.OG, 04109 Leipzig

Open Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

Simplioffice Coworking Leipzig – The Budget-Friendly Bureau

Simplioffice - Leipzig, Germany

Simplioffice Coworking Leipzig provides affordable coworking solutions with competitive preise. With a monthly membership rate of €350 per person, Simplioffice is an ideal choice for budget-conscious professionals. To cater to diverse budgetary and time requirements, Simplioffice provides daily and annual pricing options upon request. Equipped with essential services such as high-speed internet and furniture, Simplioffice enables professionals to commence their work with no delay.

Boasting amenities like on-site showers, a fitness center, and a football table, Simplioffice strives to balance productivity with wellbeing. With various membership options addressing the needs of freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs, Simplioffice is your budget-friendly office away from home.


Markgrafenstraße 2, 04109 Leipzig

Open: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Impact Hub Leipzig – The Social Entrepreneur's Choice

Impact Hub Leipzig

Impact Hub Leipzig is more than just a coworking space - it’s a community propelled by a mission. As part of a global network, Impact Hub Leipzig is committed to driving entrepreneurial ideas towards positive social change.

Members at Impact Hub Leipzig embrace a #givegivegiveask culture, promoting talent sharing and mutual support for a sustainable world. The hub boasts a versatile event space known as Future City Lab, allowing for a range of events from presentations to workshops, enhancing possibilities for collaboration.

A dedicated team member is available to guide members on upcoming events and programs, showing commitment to community engagement and support. If you’re a social entrepreneur looking to make a positive impact, Impact Hub Leipzig is the place for you.

Impact Hub Leipzig

Naumburger Str. 25, 04229 Leipzig

Open: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Studio Delta Coworking – The Creative Cluster

Studio Delta - Leipzig, Germany

Studio Delta provides a genuinely collaborative workspace, offering a positive experience in a comfortable atmosphere with a multitude of options for teams and individuals. Some of the features include:

  • Office rooms
  • Large recreational area
  • Meeting spaces
  • Green inner courtyard

Studio Delta fosters a supportive environment for freelancers, self-employed individuals, and employees from various industries.

Accommodating users for short or long-term stays, Studio Delta provides flexible options with the following amenities:

  • A large communal kitchen
  • A dedicated room for video conferencing
  • Business printing services
  • Accessible supplies like cables for convenience

With high-speed internet access and the option for a private, secure network, Studio Delta enhances the creative workflow, supporting both individual tasks and collaborative efforts.

Studio Delta hosts a friendly community across two locations, fostering a supportive environment that encourages networking and collaboration. For a comfortable and diverse workspace in Leipzig, your search ends at Studio Delta Coworking.

Studio Delta

Roßmarktstr. 37, 04177 Leipzig

Open: Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm

Choosing Your Ideal Coworking Space in Leipzig

Choosing the ideal coworking space in Leipzig

The quest for your perfect Leipzig coworking space requires a careful evaluation of factors such as:

  • location
  • amenities
  • networking opportunities
  • cost
  • ambiance
  • infrastructure

Whether you’re a creative entrepreneur, a budding startup, or a social change-maker, coworking in Leipzig caters to a diverse range of professionals, including gründer und startups, and offers unique experiences tailored to your needs through its Leipzig coworking spaces.


In conclusion, Leipzig’s coworking spaces offer a myriad of options to cater to diverse professional needs. From networking hubs and architectural marvels to budget-friendly bureaus and creative clusters, there’s a space for everyone. It’s all about finding the right fit that aligns with your work style, needs, and aspirations. So why wait? Dive into the world of coworking in Leipzig and discover a space that inspires you to work, grow, and succeed.

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