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WORKATION - Is it for me? A guide for beginners

Melissa Sant'Anna
March 18, 2023
 min read

If you open your social apps and all you can see are pictures of people working on their MacBooks while being on amazing tropical islands with a view to the ocean, waiting to have a caipirinha at 6PM you are definitely not alone.

Workations have become very popular recently and it's nothing more than combining work and vacation into one trip, but why? There are many reasons why people are choosing to go on a workation but one of the main ones is the realisation that they could do their work anywhere with the same impact and still enjoy the perks of traveling to a city they’ve always wanted to visit and being able to explore after work hours (or between their new flexible work schedules 🏃 )

Photo: Pexels

But you might be wondering… Is it for me? How are these people dealing with the hassle of traveling and working at the same time? Do they have a space to work with stable Wi-Fi? How do I convince my boss or manager to let me have a workation?

The first step for a good workation is to organise! Plan everything about your trip including flights, sightseeings and how they fit your work schedule. Don’t be too ambitious! Save some time for unexpected events.

Number two is make sure you will have a dedicated space to work and that your internet connection won’t fail in the middle of that very important call. You can do that by asking the host of your accommodation about the speed and stability of their internet and of course, signing up to a service like One Coworking (uhu, that’s us! 🤩), which guarantees you will be able to work from fun and stable workspaces wherever you are.  

If we can be honest here, not all jobs support workations. Some of them are simply not compatible with remote work. But if that is not your case, you might be wondering what your managers will think about it. There are many answers to this question but we can share what we found out by asking HR Managers and CEOs opinions on why they would support workations.

Many managers have noticed an improvement of motivation when giving their employees the opportunity to create a life-work balance that works for their own needs. The same balance tends to have a positive impact on mental health and general stress relief.

A routine is important but sometimes getting out of the same environment of the office & home office can help you to become creative and even more productive. It also helps to have a clear mind and start fresh when you go back to your daily routine.

They also feel less scared when employees assure they have stable and trustworthy spaces to work from. In the end of the day, many of them have the same worry: to make sure you can do all the work and that the communication is not impacted.

So is a workation something for you after all? If you are willing to make plans and still feel like exploring the answer might be yes! You can start easy, visiting a city nearby to experiment before you go live a whole month in Bali 🏝 We all know not everything on social media is real so just remember to do things you enjoy and at your own pace.

This article was written by Melissa Sant'Anna, our Marketing Fairy at One Coworking. 🧚‍♀️

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