Join Our Journey: Why the Customer Support Specialist Role at One Coworking Could Be Your Dream Job

Christoph Fahle
March 3, 2023
 min read


At One Coworking, we're on a mission to transform the future of work. We believe that coworking spaces are the key to a more flexible, productive, and fulfilling professional life. To advance this mission, we're looking for a Customer Support Specialist who will serve as a crucial intermediary between our users and our partner coworking spaces.

A Role with Dual Focus

This isn't your typical Customer Support role. At One Coworking, the Customer Support Specialist serves both our individual users and our partner coworking spaces, offering a dynamic and varied work experience.

For End-users:

  • Provide responsive chat support to resolve queries and issues.
  • Manage and resolve bug reports to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Guide new B2B users through the onboarding process, enhancing their initial experience with One Coworking.

For Coworking Spaces:

  • Act as the primary liaison between One Coworking and our partner spaces.
  • Facilitate the smooth onboarding of new spaces onto our platform.
  • Maintain records of check-ins and generate quarterly payments to spaces.

A Culture that Values You

We are a bootstrapped startup with a small but committed team. As a new member, you'll have a unique opportunity to significantly impact our customer experience and contribute to our growth.

Flexibility and Future Opportunities

This role offers an initial 2-3 month commitment with the possibility for extension. Plus, we offer the flexibility of remote work, so you can contribute from anywhere.

Qualifications that Matter

We're not just looking for a skill set; we're looking for the right fit for our team.

  • Exceptional customer support and satisfaction skills are essential.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities are required.
  • Familiarity with remote work tools like Slack and Google Suite is important.
  • Attention to detail and organizational skills are crucial.

Experience with Coworking Spaces is A BIG PLUS but not a requirement.
Recommendations from our Network are A BIG PLUS as well.

Join Our Mission

If you're passionate about transforming the way people work and want to make a meaningful impact in a startup environment, we'd love to hear from you. Ready to be a part of something transformative? Mail to

Christoph Fahle
March 3, 2023
 min read