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Coworking Friedrichshain: Explore the Best Spaces in Berlin Friedrichshain

Christoph Fahle
July 17, 2023
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Friedrichshain, Berlin is a great spot for digital nomads, freelancers and start-ups looking to find the perfect coworking space. You’ll discover several exciting options among its plentiful selection of spaces – so whichever style or type you’re seeking should be easily accessible!

Short Summary

  • Explore the best coworking spaces in Friedrichshain, offering flexible workspace solutions and amenities to boost productivity.
  • Enjoy access to a global network, numerous funding opportunities, and family-friendly options with childcare services.
  • Find monthly membership plans that fit any need or budget while networking with peers through events and activities.

Top Coworking Spaces in Friedrichshain

Coworking Space HainArbeit at Volkspark Friedrichshain

The buzzing district of Friedrichshain in Berlin offers a variety of excellent coworking spaces to suit any professional and budget. Whether you’re searching for an office, conference room or just a hot desk, the vibrant surroundings foster creativity & collaboration while encouraging productivity through private rooms, open offices and always good coffee!

Explore some well-known coworking places offering unique atmospheres. Take your pick from energizing hubs with stimulating conversations or opt for peaceful environments that leave you feeling refreshed after every workday. Also worth noting is all cost-effective budgets are catered to here – so get ready to find something perfect without breaking the bank!

Finally discover what makes each space special: community initiatives such as networking events will help nurture relationships among likeminded professionals while providing insights on modern industry trends – no matter how much experience one has already under their belt.

AMAPOLA Coworking: Flexible Workspace Solutions

AMAPOLA. Coworking makes flexibility a top priority, with three different locations throughout Berlin, including Friedrichshain. All the necessary office supplies and facilities are available. Whether you need team offices, lounges, meeting rooms or dedicated desk space for your business, it’s all here. Close to Straßmannstraße tram station means easy access no matter where you’re coming from in Berlin and adds an exciting energy to this workspace environment that professionals looking for flexible options will love.

Kiez Büro: Your Office in the "Kiez"

For the perfect combination of work and relaxation, come to Kiez Büro in Friedrichshain. This cozy coworking space is designed for teams or individuals that need a place to stay productive, offering high-speed internet access as well as printing services.

You can tailor your membership plan according to what you require from daily passes up to monthly ones – so no matter how busy you are, there’s an option suitable for every budget at bei Friedrichshain’s premier workspace!

Hainarbeit: Small but beautiful coworking with views

Are you in search of a cozy coworking environment with an amazing outlook? Then Hainarbeit could be the ideal solution for you. Situated near the gorgeous Volkspark Friedrichshain, this hidden gem has everything that will make your workspace feel just like home, pleasant vibes and spectacular views into the park.

Whether it’s solo work or group-based tasks, there is no better place than Hainarbeit to help you reach both focus and teamwork goals.

WeWork Friedrichshain: Global Network Access

At WeWork Friedrichshain, individuals who value an extensive network and varied cultural background can get just that. With workspace solutions accessible through a global partnership with the coworking giant, this venue supplies prime locations to facilitate productivity as well as plenty of amenities for people interested in making their mark on Berlin’s collaborative scene.

This unique space provides various funding options along with its rich multicultural environment so professionals have all the resources they need at hand to grow both personally and professionally. It is truly one-of-a-kind offering access not only to quality spaces but also invaluable opportunities available exclusively at WeWork Friedrichshain!

Coworking Cafés: Combining Work and Leisure

Coworking Cafe KLEINMEIN in Waldeyerstraße in Friedrichhain

When you’re in Friedrichshain, work doesn’t have to mean to go to a regular office. The district provides plenty of coworking cafés that offer the perfect balance between leisure and productivity. These spaces provide an easygoing atmosphere for people who want to get things done, network with others or take a breather from their tasks at hand.

Whether you buy a coffee and flip your laptop open or they offer hourly, daily or weekly rates, these cafes are a good alternative when it comes to getting work done. Featuring large tables made out of wood, comfy chairs and delicious food selections all within reach! It is definitely worth considering if looking for something different yet productive than traditional coworking environments.

KleinMein Coffee & Food (and Coworking)

For Berliners looking for a coffee shop workspace with Coworking that unites ease, coziness and of course magnificent coffee, look no further than the KleinMein. Located in Friedrichshain, this coworking café stands out with its unparalleled offering. Auf geht’s to delightful work days at this deluxe cafe.

Shakespeare & Sons: Work, Read, and Dine

In Friedrichshain, Shakespeare & Sons offers a unique coworking experience. It's not just a bookstore, but a vibrant hub for global minds. Here, you can work, read, and enjoy delicious bagels from Fine Bagels, all in a library-like atmosphere. It's a perfect blend of work and leisure, making it a standout choice in Friedrichshain's coworking scene.

Family-Friendly Coworking Options

JuggleHub, one of Berlin's first Coworking Space with offering child care.

There are few coworking spaces in Berlin that provide an answer to the difficult juggling act of managing work and family. Amenities such as childcare facilities, play areas even for toddlers make these places especially suitable for parents looking for a workspace solution. These particular workspaces provide convenience far beyond what traditional workplaces have been able to do until now, making life easier when trying to balance it all!

JuggleHub: Coworking with Childcare

JuggleHub, which is technically located in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood but since it is also easily accessible for people living in Friedrichshain we feature it here. It provides a great alternative for working parents. It has child care services attached to it so that people can concentrate on their jobs while knowing that the kids are being taken good care of and kept safe.

Along with playtime supervision as well as educational activities offered for children, JuggleHub also furnishes meals, enabling moms and dads alike to maintain an easy balance between work and family time without any issues whatsoever.

Amenities and Services: Making Your Coworking Experience Complete

Most coworking spaces in Berlin offer a comprehensive work experience with amenities including fast internet, coffee made from micro-brewed beans, art pieces hanging on the walls of common rooms and flexible office space.

Members sometimes have access to aditional programs and events hosted by these coworking spaces as well as sports studios for musical activities. Finally, using this wide network makes it easy to build meaningful connections with other professionals at different stages of their careers.

Monthly Membership Plans: Finding the Right Fit

Finding the ideal monthly membership is essential for a smooth coworking experience. Coworking spaces in Friedrichshain have different plans to choose from, starting with 50 euros per month that offers basic access and topping out at more than 500 euros which gives you dedicated desk or team room.

No matter if your necessities are common workspaces, private offices or meeting rooms - there’s a plan suitable for any budget as well as requirements. To know more about prices and availability, it is advisable to contact the specific space directly.

Networking Opportunities in Friedrichshain Coworking Spaces

Friedrichshain’s coworking spaces offer far more than just a place to work. They are also platforms for networking and personal development. Events such as workshops, activities and open community events at The Factory Berlin provide members with plenty of chances to build their network while working in an environment that is both stimulating and supportive. In short, if you want the opportunity to grow your professional circle while taking advantage of flexible workspace options - Friedrichshain’s collection of coworking spaces has something for everyone.


The area of Friedrichshain has plenty to offer those seeking out a coworking space, from flexible working areas and cafes through to establishments that can cater for both parents and children. There is something here suitable for any professional requirements, be it an independent worker or small business looking for networking opportunities.

These various spaces provide the ideal balance between productivity, relaxation, and work life all in one place. If you’re exploring your options, why not investigate these great spots further? The perfect fit could await you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is coworking heading to?

Coworking has revolutionized the way office space is utilized, and it looks like it’s here to stay. With a projected 40,000 coworking spaces in 2024 and an estimated 36 million remote workers by 2025 – that figure only growing with time – there is no doubt this concept of shared work environments will be firmly rooted in our future. The number of businesses utilizing these new forms of workspace have been on a continuous rise as well. Certainly making for what some might call the “age” or era of coworking.

Is a coworking membership worth it?

The advantages of coworking space in terms of affordability and the possibility to customize it make this option attractive for those looking to upgrade their workspace beyond a home office. It’s also an advantageous alternative as you benefit from its casual working environment, fostering social interaction among members who share similar interests.

What is the concept of coworking?

Coworking has become a popular trend in recent years, as it gives people the opportunity to work together from different teams and companies. These shared spaces are incredibly useful for collaboration between individuals, allowing them to share resources such as equipment or knowledge with each other. Coworking provides an excellent way of networking while helping build relationships within their professional circles. Coworking spaces have thus grown immensely across all industries over time due to their efficiency when it comes to working collaboratively.

What are some popular coworking spaces in Friedrichshain?

Friedrichshain offers several well-known coworking spaces, such as AMAPOLA Coworking, Kiez Büro, Hainarbeit and WeWork Friedrichshain. All these spaces offer a great atmosphere for those who work remotely or in teams to collaborate efficiently..

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