Embrace productivity in a cozy old English room style at Thunderbolt Collective in Berlin

Experience creativity and collaboration in Kreuzberg

Highspeed Wifi
Community Kitchen
Popular with Freelancers and Startups
This place is known for having a supportive startup and freelancer community
Lots of breakfast and lunchspots nearby
This venue is in a bustling neighborhood full of restaurants and coffee shop
Ergonomic Furnishings
Prioritize your health and comfort in this workspace, equipped with ergonomic furnishings to support good posture throughout your workday.

About the Workspace

Situated in Berlin's bustling core, Thunderbolt Collective stands out as a lively coworking hub that seamlessly blends creativity with efficiency. Tailored for a varied mix of freelancers, startups, and creative minds, this workspace is more than just a place to work; it's a community. Distinctive for its art-adorned interiors, cutting-edge facilities, a relaxing room for downtime, and a delightful candy wall, Thunderbolt Collective is the go-to for those craving a spirited workspace and the chance to connect with fellow innovators.

Amenities of the Venue

Community Events

Lots of natural light

Lounge Area

Free water

Game area

Hot & cold drinks

Community Kitchen

35,00 € / Day Pass
4.78 · reviews
Check out our Monthly Subscription Plans
35,00 € / Day Pass
4.78 · reviews
Check out our Monthly Subscription Plans

Where you’ll be


About the Venue: 

Thunderbolt Collective

With features like a loft space, quiet conference rooms, a game area, a napping room, and a unique candy wall, it offers a dynamic and fun work environment. Located in the multicultural neighborhood of Kreuzberg, Thunderbolt provides a blend of professional and creative energy, making it an ideal space for innovation and collaboration.

Other things to know

Opening Hours

How to get in


Experience Thunderbolt Collective, a dynamic coworking space with excellent transport connections, including U Görlitzer Bahnhof, U Hermannplatz, and U Schönleinstraße. Indulge in a delightful array of breakfast and lunch spots nearby, ensuring you never run out of enticing dining options during your workday. For a delicious coffee and bakery experience, La Maison café is conveniently located right next to the space. Need some fresh air? Head to the charming Görlitzer Park, just 450m away from the coworking space, for a refreshing break in the beautiful greenery of Görlitzer Park, just 450m away from the coworking space.

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35,00 € / Day Pass
Day Pass
35,00 € / Day Pass
4.78 · reviews
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