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Community Kitchen
Highspeed Wifi
Phone Booths
Central Location
This workspace is easy to reach via a variety of public transport connections
Popular with Freelancers and Startups
This place is known for having a supportive startup and freelancer community
Ergonomic Furnishings
Prioritize your health and comfort in this workspace, equipped with ergonomic furnishings to support good posture throughout your workday.

About the Workspace

Machwerk coworking space is a creatively-driven and contemporary environment that provides a dynamic and inclusive ecosystem, fostering innovation, collaboration, and a sense of community for individuals, startups, freelancers, and businesses of all sizes, with state-of-the-art amenities and flexible workspaces designed to fuel productivity and inspire growth.

Amenities of the Venue

Community Events

Lots of natural light


Printer & Copier/Scanner

Phone booths

Lounge Area

Community Kitchen

16,00 € / Day Pass
4.78 · reviews
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16,00 € / Day Pass
4.78 · reviews

Where you’ll be


About the Venue: 


Machwerk Coworking Space, nestled in the heart of Berlin-Mitte at the historic "Alte Münze," offers a welcoming and social environment for professionals seeking a vibrant workspace. This unique coworking space sets itself apart with its focus on fostering a supportive community for its members. Ideally suited for freelancers, creatives, and startups, Machwerk provides a diverse atmosphere where collaboration and networking can flourish. Conveniently situated opposite Rotes Rathaus and near iconic Alexanderplatz TV tower, Machwerk boasts easy access to public transportation via S+U stations Klosterstraße and Jannowitzbrücke. Members enjoy 24/7 access, ensuring flexibility for those with unconventional work schedules.

Other things to know

Opening Hours

How to get in

Access Machwerk by locating the entrance with the Machwerk signage. Members can use their access cards, while visitors should ring the bell. Reception inside can assist with any needs


MACHWERK, located in the heart of Berlin Mitte and jsituated very close to the Spree river, offers an appealing blend of convenience and culture. A 5-minute walk from U Klosterstraße, the space is surrounded by a variety of restaurants and cafés. For those looking to explore the local sights, the Berlin Cathedral, DDR Museum, and iconic Berliner Fernsehturm are all nearby, offering a rich blend of history and entertainment. MACHWERK serves as a perfect base to work, dine, and discover the vibrant life of Berlin.

Workspace Options at



Spree Room

57,00 € / Hour
Meeting Room

Green Room

57,00 € / Hour
Meeting Room

Open Coworking Area

16,00 € / Day Pass
Day Pass

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16,00 € / Day Pass
4.78 · reviews
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