Unleash Your Creativity at Unicorn Workspaces Kustermannpark, Munich

Rosenheimer Straße 116
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About the Workspace

Immerse yourself in a synergistic work environment at Unicorn Workspaces Kustermannpark, Munich. With a vibrant community and state-of-the-art facilities, it offers sprawling 1850 sqm of space housing 44 offices and 234 desks. Enjoy work flexibility with various small, large, and open office spaces. Our community Baristas serve delicious coffee specialties and personal care, a bonus to your workspace. Additional amenities include 24/7 App access, fast & secure internet, fully furnished offices, and personal services like IT-support and postal services. For after-work relaxation or lunch breaks, you find the Kustermannpark just next door and a cafeteria within the complex. Sign up today to experience a workspace that suits every team's needs.

Ergonomic Furnishings
Prioritize your health and comfort in this workspace, equipped with ergonomic furnishings to support good posture throughout your workday.
Central Location
This workspace is easy to reach via a variety of public transport connections
24/7 Access
Enjoy the flexibility of a workspace that's open around the clock, catering to your unique work schedule.

Amenities of the Venue

Highspeed WiFi

Printer & Copier/Scanner

Fresh Fruits

Community Kitchen

Free tea

Community Events

Hot & cold drinks

Phone booths

Postel Services

Free water

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Opening Hours

8:30 AM 
 4:00 PM
8:30 AM 
 4:00 PM
8:30 AM 
 4:00 PM
8:30 AM 
 4:00 PM
8:30 AM 
 4:00 PM

How to get in

To access Unicorn Workspaces, enter through the main entrance and proceed to the reception for guidance or a visitor's badge. Use the elevators or stairs to reach the specific floor of the workspace. Signage throughout the building will assist in navigating to the correct location. If you need further assistance, staff members or other occupants are generally helpful in providing directions.

The Sourrounding

Near Unicorn Workspaces, you'll find a diverse array of restaurants including Natscha Arz & Stella Sorotou GbR, Homayun Saadat Chopan Restaurant, and L'Osteria München am Gasteig. For shopping, options like TK Maxx, Ludwig Beck, and Viktualienmarkt are nearby. The area is also graced with green spaces like Olympiapark and Schlosspark Nymphenburg, offering beautiful settings for relaxation and outdoor activities. This vibrant area combines culinary delights, shopping variety, and scenic parks, making it a lively and convenient location.

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