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Top 10 Ways to Improve the Sales Process in a Coworking Space

Christoph Fahle
June 7, 2024
 min read

Want to enhance the sales process in your coworking space? In this article, you’ll find “10 ways to improve the sales process in a coworking space” with 10 practical strategies to convert more leads and retain members. Learn about website optimization, personalized follow-ups, dynamic pricing, and more to ensure your coworking space thrives.

Key Takeaways

  • Optimizing the sales funnel in a coworking space is critical to converting prospects into loyal members, and each stage must be fine-tuned to prevent dropout and ensure sustained growth.
  • Implementing tools for online tour bookings and personalized follow-ups can significantly enhance user experience, automate engagement processes, and improve conversion rates.
  • Dynamic pricing, strategic partnerships, and leveraging third-party platforms can boost visibility, occupancy rates, and member retention, making the coworking space more competitive and appealing to a diverse clientele.

0 Introduction

In the fast-paced world of coworking spaces, mastering the sales funnel is not just a goal—it’s a necessity. Efficiently converting prospects into members is vital to addressing issues like the ‘leaky funnel,’ where potential members drop out of the process. When each stage of the coworking sales funnel is optimized, from generating interest to finalizing memberships, it allows the spaces to engage and convert prospects into loyal members, thus guaranteeing sustained growth and success.

Understanding the sales process and implementing effective strategies can ensure that coworking spaces thrive in an increasingly competitive market. The focus should be on creating a seamless experience that attracts, engages, and retains members, addressing the needs of a diverse clientele. Considering the above, we will now explore the top strategies to boost your coworking sales process, allowing your space to distinguish itself and expand sustainably.

Optimize Your Website for First Impressions

Illustration of a user-friendly website with easy navigation and chatbots to generate interest

As potential members often encounter your website first, it becomes imperative to initiate a positive experience from the outset. A user-friendly website with easy navigation and immediate engagement options like chatbots and contact forms can make a lasting impression and build awareness. These elements not only help in capturing the interest of your target audience but also enhance the overall brand perception, making your coworking space more appealing.

First impressions matter, and your website serves as a digital front door to your coworking space. Ensuring that it is intuitive and visually appealing can generate interest and encourage visitors to explore further. Incorporating features such as virtual tours and detailed descriptions of your amenities can provide a comprehensive view of what your space offers, helping to create a positive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Moreover, integrating tools that allow prospective members to easily contact you or book a tour can significantly increase engagement. When your website is optimized to cater to the needs and preferences of your target audience, including existing members, it aids in effectively building awareness, attracting more visitors, and ultimately, converting them into members.

Enable Online Tour Bookings

Enabling online tour bookings is a game-changer in the coworking sales process. Prospective members often book tours during the interest stage to understand the unique value propositions of the space, and generating interest via a tour makes it easier for them to sign up ultimately. Tools like HubSpot and Calendly can automate the booking process, enhancing user experience and reducing the workload on staff.

Online booking systems streamline the process, allowing clients to:

  • Reserve workspaces without time-consuming phone calls or emails
  • Enhance user experience by offering mobile access, enabling bookings from any device with internet connectivity
  • Receive real-time booking updates to avoid scheduling conflicts and ensure up-to-the-minute availability
  • Benefit from automated booking processes to reduce human errors.

Customization features in booking software allow operators to:

  • Tailor the platform to fit unique space requirements and branding
  • Facilitate more remote account management and on-demand bookings
  • Make it easier for prospective members to book tours effortlessly

Integrating such tools can enable coworking spaces to enhance their occupancy rate and streamline the sign-up process, making it seamless and efficient.

Personalize Follow-Ups After Tours

Maintaining engagement and demonstrating commitment to resolving issues and delivering exceptional service is ideally achieved with personalized follow-ups after tours. Immediate and personalized follow-ups reinforce the positive tour experience and maintain engagement. Strategies for maintaining contact and providing additional information post-tour include:

  • Sending follow-ups through email
  • Making phone calls
  • Sending SMS messages
  • Engaging on social media

These different methods cater to different customer preferences and ensure that you stay connected with your customers after the tour.

Regular follow-ups show your commitment to addressing specific needs and resolving any concerns, enhancing customer loyalty and trust. Here are some benefits of regular follow-ups:

  • It shows your commitment to addressing specific needs and resolving any concerns
  • It enhances customer loyalty and trust
  • Addressing customers by their names in follow-up communications creates a sense of connection and personalization, making them feel valued
  • Providing valuable information and addressing concerns during follow-ups can eliminate doubts and hesitations about purchasing, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Utilizing tools like HubSpot or Mailchimp can help segment your audience and automate email workflows, ensuring timely and relevant follow-ups. Automated email sequences can be used for nurturing prospects or onboarding new members, making the follow-up process efficient and effective. By maintaining regular, personalized contact, you can leave a lasting impression and keep potential members engaged throughout the sales funnel.

Adopt a Conversational Approach During Walkthroughs

The tour experience can be significantly enhanced by adopting a conversational approach during walkthroughs. While scripts provide structure, relying on them too heavily can make interactions feel robotic and impersonal. Instead, sales scripts should act as guides, allowing for improvisation based on the conversation to create a more personalized and engaging experience.

Highlighting the most attractive aspects of the space during tours is essential. Tailor the tour experience based on the visitor’s role, focusing on amenities and features that align with their needs and interests. Providing operational insights during the tour can also enhance the visitor’s understanding of how the space functions and its benefits.

A conversational approach allows salespeople to:

  • Better respond to the unique needs and interests of each prospect
  • Foster collaboration and create a more meaningful connection
  • Avoid scripts and engage visitors in genuine conversations
  • Ensure they leave with a positive impression and a clear understanding of the value your coworking space offers.

Offer Limited-Time Promotions

Encouraging sign-ups and driving membership sales can be effectively achieved with limited-time promotions. These promotions can include offers such as Black Friday deals, new year’s discounts, or referral opportunities, creating a sense of urgency and increasing demand. Implementing effective sales strategies, such as offering discounts for a limited period, can attract potential customers and boost sign-ups.

Best practices for offering discounts and promotions strategically involve:

  • Balancing immediate discounts with long-term membership incentives
  • Offering a discount on the first month’s membership fees while highlighting the benefits of committing to longer-term membership plans
  • Attracting new members and encouraging them to stay for an extended period, enhancing member retention.

Providing special packages or membership tiers that cater to different needs and preferences can also be effective. By offering a variety of membership options, you can appeal to a broader audience and accommodate varying budgets and work preferences. Strategic promotions, when implemented effectively, can drive membership sales and ensure your coworking space remains competitive in the market.

Showcase Amenities and Unique Features

Illustration showcasing diverse amenities like gyms, rooftops, and ergonomic furniture to attract a diverse clientele

Attracting a diverse clientele and significantly impacting sales can be achieved by showcasing amenities and unique features. Coworking spaces that offer amenities like meditation rooms, gyms, or rooftop terraces can help maintain a healthy work-life balance, making the space more appealing to potential members. Access to ergonomic furniture, such as height-adjustable desks, can improve job satisfaction and concentration, further enhancing the appeal of your space.

Understanding market-specific preferences for amenities is crucial. Conducting surveys among your clientele can help identify the most appealing services and tailor your offerings accordingly. For example, some markets may highly value amenities like:

  • parking facilities
  • lockers
  • keyless door entry access
  • reception and call services
  • complimentary coffee, water, or meals

By showcasing these unique features, you can differentiate your coworking space from competitors and increase occupancy rates. Highlighting amenities that cater to specific needs and preferences can also enhance the overall experience for your guests, making them more likely to choose your space over others, even when considering the option to increase hotel occupancy as an alternative.

Form Strategic Partnerships

Enhancing offerings and fostering community engagement can be achieved through forming strategic partnerships, a proven strategy. Collaborating with local businesses can differentiate coworking spaces and provide increased value to members. For instance, WorkSpots grew to over 120 locations in less than a year by offering exclusive discounts from vendors like Office Depot and Best Buy.

Partnerships can enhance member experience by providing access to additional services and resources. For example, health and wellness partnerships with fitness centers or wellness coaches can support the physical and mental well-being of members. Corporate partnerships can offer flexible workspace options for remote or traveling employees of larger corporations, increasing brand visibility and attracting a broader clientele.

Successful partnerships not only provide tangible benefits but also create opportunities for community engagement through joint events, workshops, and networking sessions. By forming mutually beneficial partnerships, coworking spaces can enhance their offerings, foster collaboration, and ensure long-term success.

Implement Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Maximizing revenue and enhancing member retention can be achieved by implementing dynamic pricing strategies. Dynamic pricing allows coworking spaces to:

  • Charge higher prices during peak demand periods
  • Offer lower rates during off-peak times
  • Boost occupancy and reduce underutilization
  • Attract a more diverse clientele by making coworking spaces more accessible.

Integrating CRM tools to manage leads and customer interactions is crucial for implementing effective sales strategies. CRM tools provide the following benefits:

  • Data insights into space usage patterns, helping to optimize pricing strategies and space utilization
  • Automating repetitive tasks, freeing up time for personalized engagement with customers
  • Enhancing the overall customer experience
  • Ensuring efficient communication

By adjusting prices in real-time based on market conditions, coworking spaces can:

  • Maintain a competitive edge
  • Ensure higher profitability
  • Offer competitive pricing and discounts during less crowded times
  • Enhance member retention
  • Make the space more attractive to potential customers

Dynamic pricing is a valuable strategy for coworking spaces to consider, especially when managing flexible space.

Leverage Third-Party Platforms

Increasing visibility and attracting more members can be significantly achieved by listing on third-party platforms like LiquidSpace and Instant Offices. These platforms provide brand awareness and social proof, making it easier for potential members to trust and choose your coworking space. Leveraging social media platforms like Facebook Marketplace can also enhance your reach and attract a broader audience.

Once a listing is set up on a platform, it requires minimal maintenance aside from occasional monitoring and optimization. By listing on multiple platforms simultaneously, you can increase the chances of attracting customers and generating additional revenue. Leveraging third-party platforms is a proven strategy for boosting market share and ensuring your coworking space remains competitive.

Foster Collaborative Networks

Enhancing service offerings and driving customer acquisition can be achieved by fostering collaborative networks among coworking spaces. Referral programs are known for their proven effectiveness in increasing sales and bringing in new members. They have a track record of success in these areas. By creating a sense of community and belonging, coworking spaces can keep individuals engaged and loyal, enhancing overall growth.

Collaborative networks provide opportunities for:

  • Sharing deal flow
  • Enhancing service offerings through mutual support
  • Sharing insights and best practices
  • Creating a more robust and competitive market
  • Networking opportunities, such as joint events and workshops
  • Enhancing community engagement
  • Fostering collaboration among members

By nurturing relationships and fostering collaboration, coworking spaces can create a supportive ecosystem that drives innovation and growth. This approach not only enhances the member experience but also ensures long-term success and sustainability in the ever-evolving coworking industry. Addressing any negative feedback promptly and effectively can further strengthen this ecosystem.


Recapping the key points discussed, it’s clear that mastering the coworking sales funnel is essential for sustained growth and success. From optimizing your website for first impressions to personalizing follow-ups and adopting a conversational approach during walkthroughs, each strategy plays a crucial role in converting prospects into loyal members. Implementing dynamic pricing strategies and forming strategic partnerships can further enhance your offerings and ensure long-term success.

By continuously evolving and adapting your sales processes to meet market demands, you can ensure your coworking space remains competitive and attractive to potential members. Embrace these strategies and inspire your team to implement them effectively, ensuring your coworking space thrives in an increasingly competitive market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to optimize the website for first impressions?

It is important to optimize the website for first impressions because an engaging and user-friendly website can create a positive experience, generate interest, and enhance brand perception. This can lead to increased visitor retention and improved conversion rates.

How can online tour bookings benefit coworking spaces?

Online tour bookings can benefit coworking spaces by streamlining the booking process, reducing staff workload, and providing a better user experience by allowing bookings from any device with internet connectivity. This can lead to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of personalized follow-ups after tours?

Personalized follow-ups after tours maintain engagement, demonstrate dedication to resolving issues, and enhance customer loyalty by addressing specific needs and providing valuable information. This results in a stronger connection with your customers and helps in building long-term relationships.

How do limited-time promotions encourage sign-ups?

Limited-time promotions create a sense of urgency and increase demand, attracting potential customers and boosting membership sales. This can be a highly effective strategy to drive sign-ups.

Why is fostering collaborative networks important for coworking spaces?

Fostering collaborative networks is important for coworking spaces because it enhances service offerings, drives customer acquisition through referral programs, and creates a sense of community and belonging, ensuring long-term success.

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