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The Coworking Festival is back! And you are invited ;)

Samantha Hulls
March 18, 2023
 min read
The legendary Coworking Festival is back! For one week, spaces in Berlin and Brandenburg will open their doors and invite everyone to experience coworking. 🚀

We’re so proud to be the Coworking Festival 2022's sponsor! That means from the 5-9th of September you will be able to check-in at all the spaces that are part of the festival using our app - FOR FREE!

This is a great opportunity to meet new spaces, people and even to experience coworking for the first time, if you are curious about it! Simply register here to become a guest of the Coworking Festival.

But what’s so special about coworking anyway?

People have different reasons why they enjoy coworking. Sometimes it’s the community or productivity. Being able to work around people you like or bringing your dog to work. Sometimes it’s just for the fast Wi-Fi or having great coffee & tea on tap. But usually there’s one consensus: working from a place you love!

This is your chance to visit some of the best coworking spaces of Berlin & Brandenburg like Engelnest, betahaus, Space Shack, Coconat, Juggle Hub and many others! Want to check all the participating spaces? Head to the official web page of the Coworking Festival 2022.

Hey, I’m convinced. Where’s that link to sign up again?

Here we go:

Hope to see you all soon,

Your One Coworking Team ❤️

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