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Customer Story - movingimage EVP GmbH

Maria Rodriguez
April 4, 2023
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movingimage helps companies to create value through video. As a full-service provider based in Berlin, movingimage offers the full range from video creation to delivery. Its centralized cloud-based solution enables companies to efficiently manage and stream all their video assets in the best possible quality on any device.

Martin Taylor-Müller, the Accountant and Culture Manager at movingimage EVP GmbH, shared with us how the Team Plan from One Coworking has enabled successful hybrid work for their distributed teams, who previously only worked from home.

The Evolution of Work Flexibility at movingimage: Trusting Employees for Success

Less than 5% of our employees were working remotely before the COVID pandemic. When we were asked to work from home in 2020, we realized all of our employees could perform well regardless of their location. Since then, movingimage does not impose any rules on its employees regarding the place they work from. We believe every employee knows what’s best for them to perform well in their jobs. We trust them to do their jobs where they feel more productive. Only in that way they can be successful.

“With OneCo, our remote employees can
get out of their work-from-home-routine and
enjoy the office vibes wherever they are.”

Martin Taylor-Müller

Accountant and Culture Manager at movingimage EVP GmbH

Our company is based in Berlin, but we do not limit our talent pool to just one location. Our distributed teams are located all over the world.

Enabling Successful Hybrid Work for Distributed Teams at Movingimage

Photo: Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park

Our goal was to find a workspace solution for our employees that do not have the chance to work from our office in Berlin each day. We were looking for a simple co-working solution that saves us tons of administrative work, operates globally and gives us access to first-class co-working spaces. One Coworking met all these criteria and we are very happy using their service!

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