Hybrid Workplace Mananagement

Are you really ready for hybrid work? Take the challenge!

Samantha Hulls
March 17, 2023
 min read

We have teamed with industry leading specialists to help your organisation get ready hybrid work. Take the challenge now and get your score and report in under one minute! We're helping people understand what hybrid work is and where organisations are in their journey in building their hybrid work model. Find out how well you are prepared for the future of work. Discover your score and find out what's next for your company.

We'd love to know your score so we can help map it for you. Consult with us any time to better understand what you can do to improve your hybrid work culture, digital tools and labour law! https://onecoworking.com/hybrid-work-challenge-english

  • Labor Law Score: This score is about what foundations have been laid for hybrid work, in terms of occupational health and safety, data protection and security.
  • Tool Score: This score is about the tools at use for hybrid work. Whether it’s remotely or on-site in the office.
  • Culture Score: This score is about the work culture and team building methods companies live by and use with their employees and colleagues.
  • Hybrid Work Score: Finally the overarching Hybrid Work Score is averaged over the three key knowledge areas of hybrid work.
  • Results from 1 to 2.5: Hybrid work is not being fully implemented or not (yet) feasible for the company, and it still needs more support to go fully hybrid.
  • Results from 2.6 to 4: The company is implementing some of the key areas of hybrid work, but still has some way to go.
  • Results from 4.1 to 5.5: The company is aware and understands the importance of hybrid work tools, culture and labor rights, but there’s still room for improvement.
  • Results from 5.6 to 6: The company is a frontrunner in the field of hybrid work: the teams use all the tools available, the hybrid work culture is thriving and they abide to labor law and invent even new measures.
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