Access to the best coworking spaces in your city and around the world with one app and one membership!

For co‍‍‍w‍‍‍orkers

“One Coworking is an awesome service. I can now work flexibly from many different locations without having to change my membership all the time.”

Andrew Stevens, CEO
Highvoltage SEO

Find spaces to work from in your city‍‍‍‍‍‍

A growing number of coworking spaces are joining our network and hosting One Coworking App users. The app makes it easy to locate nearby coworking spaces wherever you are.‍‍‍

Check in with your membership

With One Coworking App in your pocket you can get access to coworking spaces easily and hassle-free. The app navigates you to the right space location, validates your membership and connects you to the local community.

Use it on‍‍‍ a flexible basis

If you do not have a valid membership or you are running out of roaming credits, you can easily get additional credits or city tickets on the app.*

*only in selected areas, still in beta

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For Spaces

"We want to give all our members the possibility to roam between many different Co-Working spaces. Our goal is to unite the best C‍‍‍o-Working spaces and empower its members.”

— Ansgar Oberholz, Founder‍‍‍ St. Oberholz

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Connect to global network

Let coworking members roam freely

Generate new leads
and boost revenue

One Coworking helps coworking spaces boost their offer to a global level. It enables them to form wo‍‍‍rldwide partnerships and adds international roaming feature to every local membership at no extra cost.

Roaming feature creates added value for coworkers from local coworking communities. With One Co‍‍‍working they can check in to partner spaces all around the world with their local membership.

One Coworking puts coworking spaces on an international map, generates new leads that can transform into long term memberships and attra‍‍‍cts new customer groups.


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